Collection: Lindsey Tyson

Recently awarded this year’s national ‘Women In Art’ award for emerging abstract artist and working from her studio in Scarborough, Lindsey is inspired and driven by a love of nature and the inherent essence of her surroundings. In addition to this, she loves the challenge of combining many and varied textile/art processes and techniques.

Driven by process and experimentation, Lindsey’s work is bold, spontaneous, energetic, and expressive.

Abstract in nature and inspired by her surroundings – whether that be a tumultuous landscape or the ‘mundane’ beauty of a cracked pavement – her work evolves intuitively in response to her muse.

“Although my recent work is abstract in nature, I try to capture a little of the essence of my surroundings – after a lifetime living by the sea in this beautiful part of the country.”

Seagull Gallery are one of only two galleries with permanent displays of Lindsey's work.

All of Lindsey's works are original, one-off pieces.

Lindsey talks about working with her favourite tool, a Messermeister Silicone Bowl Scraper