Collection: Christopher Heald

Christopher studied Fine Art for six years and became a full time painter in 2016. He is passionate about painting and is inspired by what he sees in nature. “The joy of being in nature, is being able to feel the elements, the sense of space and scale, and the beautiful colours that become apparent the more you look”.

Christopher is to be found either on some windswept coastal path, or back at his studio in East Yorkshire working up the effects to completion. 

The Yorkshire coast inspired Christopher to paint a series of work from Spurn Point up to Robin Hood’s Bay. 

“I love the sea, because it gives a landscape another large surface that reflects light and has movement. A landscape is brought to life by the envelope of light and atmosphere upon it, creating a harmony of colours specific to that moment you are seeing. With that in mind, I’ll often look for surfaces and shapes within a landscape, that will show that moment of light and atmosphere best”.

Christopher paints each element of a landscape as if he’s creating it. He’ll move and twist his brush (and often ruin them) as if he’s actually creating the rocks or water etc. 

“It’s been a wonderful few years in Yorkshire so far, I’ve met such lovely and kind people, I’m looking forward to many more years painting the landscape here”. 

Christopher's Yorkshire Coast collection is available exclusively through Seagull Gallery, and are original, one-off pieces.