Bespoke Framing

Bespoke Picture Frames

As Fine Art Trade Guild members, Seagull Gallery provides bespoke picture framing services throughout North Yorkshire from our Filey location.

Bespoke picture framing is a term that covers all the types of made-to-measure picture frames.  Each custom frame is designed and built specifically for the item being framed, so the combination of size, mount, moulding and glazing will be unique to your picture or object and give it the perfect backdrop. 

Bespoke picture framing should compliment your artwork appropriately and never upstage it. A picture frame forms a border around the subject to focus the viewer’s eyes in to the artwork in the frame. It also provides a transition between the room in which the picture is being viewed and the picture itself. If the first thing you notice is the picture frame, it isn’t doing its job! You may prefer to choose a picture frame design that takes its influence from the artwork or object and compliments it perfectly, or you may choose a frame with the style and decor of its surroundings in mind. 

Bespoke Picture Frames - The Process

When you come in for your bespoke picture framing consultation, we will ask you a few questions about the piece of artwork or item you have brought in for custom framing so that we understand your expectations and requirements. We will then guide you through the frame design process. We will look at how you'd like your artwork or item to be mounted within the frame, the mountboard most appropriate for this, the style of picture frame moulding you would like and which glazing to use if you need it. Once we have done this, we will calculate how much your made to measure picture frame will cost.