New Collection From Lindsey Tyson

Renowned Scarborough artist Lindsey Tyson has released a new collection of work inspired by the harsh climate of the North Sea.

While previously well known for her artwork based on felt as a primary medium, the “Shipping Forecast” collection features abstract images in mixed media.

Working from her studio in Scarborough, Lindsey is inspired and driven by a love of nature and the inherent essence of her surroundings. In addition to this, she loves the challenge of combining many and varied art processes and techniques.

Originally a weave designer in the automotive industry, after starting a family, Lindsey sidestepped into the world of creative 

 “Although my recent work is abstract in nature, I try to capture a little of the essence of my surroundings – after a lifetime living by the sea in this beautiful part of the country.”

We are delighted that Lindsey has chosen Seagull Gallery in Filey to display her new work.

Fine Art Trade Guild

We are proud to announce that we have been accepted as a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild.

The Fine Art Trade Guild is the trade association for the art and framing industry, including artists, art printers, publishers, framing equipment and materials manufacturers and suppliers, framers and galleries.

The Guild is responsible for trade standards and qualifications, including the Guild Certified Framer programme.

Upgrade your glass, protect your artwork

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to supply both UV blocking and anti-reflective Clarity Glass from stock.

While older style diffused glass reduces reflections, it does not reduce damage to artwork due to UV light and can make the artwork behind it appear less defined.

Clarity UV70 blocks 70% of ultraviolet light in order to reduce the fading of your treasured items from either direct or indirect light

Clarity AR also reduces reflections to less than 1%, as well as giving the same 70% UV light blocking, protecting your artwork while still retaining absolute definition.

Should you require even greater UV blocking qualities, we are able to order 99% UV blocking on request.

Fundraising For Filey Lifeboat

Our auction of the painting ‘Rusty Coble’ donated by artist Tony Dexter has raised more than £500 for the RNLI Lifeboat in Filey. 

The painting of a Filey fishing boat was won by James and Kim Hodgson of the White Lodge Hotel in Filey.

“Filey is a long standing holiday destination for our family and I’ve always been inspired by the local fishing boats on the Coble Landing. In 2018 Neil’s Gallery (now Seagull Gallery) sold one of my paintings with £160.00 being donated to the RNLI. This year we wanted to see if we could raise even more money and the Gallery suggested a sealed bid auction.” said Tony.

The painting was displayed in the Gallery and people were asked to place their bids throughout September. 

As a local Gallery we are delighted to support the RNLI which is a very worthwhile charity and to provide free space for Tony’s painting and run the auction. The response and the bidding was excellent and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Filey Lifeboat.

Commenting on his winning bid James said “Kim and I are delighted to have placed the highest bid and that this money will go to support Filey Lifeboat.  My Father, Philip Hodgson, was Hon Sec of Filey Lifeboat from 1963-1976 and my mother, Eileen Hodgson was actively involved in the Ladies Lifeboat Guild for over 30 years. My brother Richard and I are former crew members. We dedicate the picture to all Filey Lifeboat Sea and Shore Crews and all Volunteer workers past and present and we will display the painting in the Hotel for the benefit of our guests and I am sure they will enjoy it.”

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