Fundraising for Filey Lifeboat

We are proud to announce that following the donation of her work ‘To The Rescue’ by Tricia Callaghan, we will once again be holding a charity fundraising auction for the benefit of Filey Lifeboat The work is on display in our window and submission forms for closed bids are available from the gallery. The auctionContinue reading “Fundraising for Filey Lifeboat”

Fundraising For Filey Lifeboat

Our auction of the painting ‘Rusty Coble’ donated by artist Tony Dexter has raised more than £500 for the RNLI Lifeboat in Filey.  The painting of a Filey fishing boat was won by James and Kim Hodgson of the White Lodge Hotel in Filey. “Filey is a long standing holiday destination for our family andContinue reading “Fundraising For Filey Lifeboat”

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