Welcoming Clothylde Vergnes To The Gallery

We are delighted to announce the arrival of works by Clothylde Vergnes to our gallery. Clothylde’s work currently focuses on landscapes in North Yorkshire, whether the open and empty stretches of Moors or the crowded semi-symbiotic relationship of cottages and sea on the coast. Most of her work is in oils, for she loves theirContinue reading “Welcoming Clothylde Vergnes To The Gallery”

New Collection From Lindsey Tyson

Renowned Scarborough artist Lindsey Tyson has released a new collection of work inspired by the harsh climate of the North Sea. While previously well known for her artwork based on felt as a primary medium, the “Shipping Forecast” collection features abstract images in mixed media. Working from her studio in Scarborough, Lindsey is inspired andContinue reading “New Collection From Lindsey Tyson”

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