Tony Dexter

Tony Dexter is a Yorkshire based artist. In the 1960’s he trained in Fine Art on a Diploma in Art & Design course at Birmingham College of Art.

After graduating from Birmingham he pursued a commercial career, but on retirement began to paint full time – although he had never painted before.

He works in acrylic on canvas and his pictures are inspired by a range of subjects: “… from Filey Coble boats to Whitby and Mull Trawlers; from fish to rocks and rock pools; to crabs and trees and many things wood.”

He says of his work:

“While my subjects are varied, my paintings are bold and contemporary and often portray the differences between tranquillity and mobility. I’m also interested in looking at a subject from another perspective or angle, so rather than create a photographic image, I like to encourage the audience to have some emotional attraction and involvement. All my work is unique, original, signed and titled.”

Tony works primarily with varnished acrylic on 30″ square canvas. We stock a selection within the gallery while others are available to view / purchase by arrangement.

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