Clothylde Vergnes

Clothylde Vergnes was born and grew up in the South of France and having been drawn to art from an early age, started painting more seriously when she came to live in England in 1978. She has lived and painted in and around Whitby since then.​

The range of colours and forms found in nature draws Clothylde in to explore, express, and thus hopefully share their essential qualities. Interested in gardening and botany, working with different media allows her to approach flowers in varied ways. Thus pen and ink favour precise botanical studies and watercolour adds to their fragility to achieve a realistic and accurate representation, whilst gouache, oils and acrylic add a bolder dimension to flowers and landscapes.​

Inspired in practice by her experience of stained glass, whereby colours are contained within boundaries, and conceptually by Paul Klee’s notion of “taking a line for a walk”, these landscapes are personal and stylised interpretations, evolved from quick sketches outdoors and elaborated in her studio.​

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