Welcoming Sarah J Cooper to the gallery

We are delighted to welcome artist Sarah J Cooper to the gallery.

Sarah was born in Sheffield and now shares her time between her home and Staithes on the North Yorkshire coast.

Sarah has always had an affinity with the sea and spends as much time as possible on the North Yorkshire coast, her ‘Heart’s Home’, photographing waves and watching the changing sky.

A love of travel and the British coast has taken her to places further afield; The Outer Hebrides, Shetland, Aberdeenshire, Cornwall and recently The Orkney Islands, which provide continued inspiration.

Her passion for the sea, coastal horizons and expansive skies come through in her work. Painting in oils for larger layered built-up seascapes or acrylics for smaller, energy filled sea and wave abstracts, using palette knives, brushes and often her fingers to create and blend the paint and the back of her hand as an immediate palette, Sarah strives to capture the emotion, movement and pull of the ocean, often reflecting her own character and moods in the work.

Over the years Sarah has experimented with different art media including charcoals, watercolours and pottery, before finally finding her place with painting.

While her work has been exhibited previously in solo or joint exhibitions, we are very proud to be the first retail gallery to represent Sarah and offer her work to the public.

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